Wall bar

The wall bar is used for trainings in many kinds of sport with the purpose of rehabilitation and prevention of some diseases. This sport implement is multifunctional. It can serve as an abutment for such sport equipment as a leaning bench, parallel bars, horizontal bar, flying rings, etc. The wall bar is equipped for children with a rope-ladder, swing, a rope and a swing bar.

Anchylosis is typical of modern children. Computer games and lots of school duties distracted them from children entertainments in the street completely. And it is accompanied for the child`s organism with a spinal curvature, aggravating of vision and of the immunity as a result of that our children often fall ill, miss lessons at school and obtain chronic conditions.

But you can correct this situation buying for your child a sport complex where the wall bars is included if space in the flat lets you do it. In the opposite case you can enroll your child to our sport club where under the supervision of experienced and qualified coachers exercises made on the wall bar will bring the results within a short time.

All the sport equipment in our clubs is produced by a famous French company «Gymnova» which used to be a supplier of sports implements and additional equipment for the Olympic Games. The quality of parts is confirmed by a FIG certificate (Federation of International Gymnastics).

As opposed to other sports implements the wall bar does not scare little children at all. Definitely, many people noticed that during walking in the street the child wants to climb somewhere higher all the time. But if not all parents can do sports with their children in the street it will be simple and easy at our centre. The coacher will show the necessary exercises on the wall bar not only for your child but also for you! As a result – improvement of physical state, corrected posture what is achieved by straightening of the back bone and just having fun and a dozen of vivacity for a few days! Safety of trainings on this implement is provided by sport mats which are also produced by «Gymnova».

You can attend the first training which is free at any of our clubs in order to fully evaluate our equipment and the professionalism of our coacher’s staff. To do that you should only leave a request in the site.

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