Section of sports gymnastics

Children are often left to their own devices in the modern world. Without finding attractive and interesting hobbies with their agemates they are more and more often absorbed in the virtual world of computer games, cartoons and it does not give them health. The section of sports gymnastics will be able to distract your child from purposeless sitting in front of the monitor.

There are professional coachers in our international centre who have many sports awards in European competitions. Having an enormous experience of working with children they will adapt the very programme which corresponds to physical and psychical development, they will take into consideration the preferences which are given to this or that kind of gymnastics.

Every boy is supposed to turn into a real man in the future. Both the boy himself and his parents dream of that. The school of sports gymnastics will help him obtain all the traits of character of a real knight and of a defender of weak people which he will need in the grown-up life. Gymnastics as a start is present in many branches of professional sport. It is impossible to bring up a child with a strong health, with harmonically developed body and with a determined character.

Trainings for girls promote creating a thin figure to which all the agemates will envy. A constant fighting with laziness, acrophobia or difficulties during doing exercises for boys is connected with obtaining persistence, strength, dexterity, getting a developed vestibular system and of a strong core.

Generally, doing sports (gymnastics is a kind of sport, actually) give tangible results – children practically stop falling ill, they have a good progress at school, they are more relaxed and sociable. If doing gymnastics. If trainings of gymnastics are regular, harmonically developed personalities are grown up of these children who overcome all the life difficulties persevere with the obstinacy which they obtained at the school of sports gymnastics. They move to the desired goal.

Give a chance to your child to become of not a champion but at least a healthy and an active person enrolling him on one of the sections of our centre. You can evaluate our club, the professionalism of our coachers and the sports equipment of the best European «Gymnova» if you will attend the first training which will be conducted for you for free.

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