Section of developing gymnastics

Developing gymnastics is useful for children since the moment of their birth. Tender touches of his mom bring the baby a feeling of calmness, promotes to a better digestion and development of movement activity. But the baby is growing up and mom already does not have enough time to do gymnastics exercises with him. There is a way out – to bring the child to our centre where developing gymnastics meant to children of different age groups is presented in an interesting game form.

Professional coachers obtaining an enormous experience of working with children will create a program of trainings as a result of which your child will become more flexible, will obtain sociability and will become a healthy and physically developed child. Section of developing gymnastics is not meant for making champions or professional sportsmen of your children. Children just play and are developed physically and mentally at the same time.

Gymnastics in the childhood lets children form the musculoskeletal system in a proper way obtain a beautiful body posture; develop movement coordination and the vestibular system of the child. Attending trainings in the section of developing gymnastics the child is unwillingly accustoming himself to hardworking, he is obtaining self-esteem, he is already able to analyze his behavior, to take into consideration made mistakes during doing exercises. At the same time the coacher does not demand obligatory doing the exercise at all, the child does only what he likes to do and what he can do. Step by step observing his agemates he starts doing what he could not do before. That is how a healthy feeling of competition is developed when the child can already think over a definite task and achieve its fulfilling.

All the exercises at our international centre are fulfilled with using the sport equipment of a famous French company «Gymnova» under the supervision of masters of sport which have already succeeded as high-professional gymnasts. No doubt, all the children will like such sport entertainments as a foamed rubber pit and tramps, multi-color and bright modules on which children learn how to work out different exercises in a game form.

Section of developing gymnastics accepts children of the age group since one and a half years-old. Parents who attend the trainings can also do gymnastics at the same time. Please, pay your attention that you can attend the first training for free.

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