Jumps on the tramp

Activity which has a positive impact on the mental and physical development of children is typical of children and it enhances protective strength of the child`s organism. But the child cannot jump at home, at school or at the kindergarten much enough, especially during the winter season.

Enrolling on our gymnastic centre where professional coachers conduct trainings for children on the tramp you will present your child with an avalanche of positive emotions and happiness. Our specialists have an enormous experience of working with children of different age groups, since 1 years-old babies till 16 years-old teenagers. They can select a definite complex of exercises for every visitor taking into consideration his physical state and sports skills.


Jumps on the tramp produced by a French company «Gymnova» develop the vestibular system of children and improve the movement coordination. During jumping muscles and the musculoskeletal system are getting stronger, attention, accuracy and dexterity are being developed. Children for whom sport trainings are conducted on a regular basis seldom fall ill; they have no traces of a flat foot and of scoliosis. And how much joy the child has flying high above the floor! It is worth it to enroll him on regular trainings at our centre!

Not only children will be happy jumping on the tramp! The section with the tramp in the club of sports gymnastics is meant for attending by grown-up people too who are set free from their everyday routine, problems and concerns during the jumps, unloading their nervous system, strengthen their health and obtain a thin figure.

The sports equipment at the gymnastic centre is produced by company «Gymnova» which was one of the suppliers of sports equipment for the Olympic Games which were conducted in London and in Rio-de-Janeiro. All the parts are reliable and firm, attractive, functional and have FIG certificate (Federation of International Gymnastics).

Of course you can find tramps at different entertaining centers but who can guarantee safety of jumps? But at our centre coachers are always near the tramps during the sports trainings and it eliminates the risk of injures.

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