Jumps into the foamed rubber pit

A foamed rubber pit is an amusement available in the winter season and it attracts all children of all age groups without any exception. And not only them. Some parents dive there together with their children with bug pleasure. At our gymnastic centers which are situated in different parts of Moscow and Moscow region you can spend an interesting holiday for children with a group of children or for your family.

Jumps into the pit where an enormous number of foamed blocks accepts little jigs softly will make them indescribable pleasure and lots of positive emotions. Here they can do everything what is not permitted to do at home, at the kindergarten or in the street – jump, shout and scream, roll, squeal with joy and delight and throw blocks.


The material which is used for producing the blocks will not do any harm to health of little children. All the equipment in our clubs is supplied by a French company «GYMNOVA» which already has a recognition at the international market as a supplier of high-quality sport equipment what is confirmed by FIG certificate FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics). For a reason this company in due course was one of the suppliers of gymnastics equipment for the Olympic Games in London and in Rio-de-Janeiro. It is possible not only to have fun in the foamed rubber pit but also to develop physically. Games with the ball. Jumps and rolls develop movement coordination of the children, improve the activity of their vestibular system, of the respiratory and of the heart systems, at the same time a right posture and flexibility are being created, all the groups of muscles are being trained and in general the immunity of children becomes stronger, they fall ill less.

Trainings in the foamed rubber pit will help your children have rest from the sedentary school life, to set free all the emotions. If your child attends regular trainings in sports gymnastics the pit which is full of foamed blocks of the most different colors will be the place where he or she will be able to have rest from doing monotonous exercises.

Professional coachers who are always near the little sportsmen work in the clubs and they will always help to do an exercise in a proper way or to ensure when it is necessary. Enrolling on the first free training you will be able to make sure personally in the reliability of our sports equipment and in the competence of our coachers staff.

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