Horizontal bar

For children who are constantly humping doing their home tasks, sitting at the table, playing games on their cell phones, watching TV, exercises with the horizontal bar will be the best preventive measure of development of problems with the posture and with the back bone. In order to prevent development of different abnormalities of the back bone it is desirably for the child to inoculate to him or her desire to do exercises at the bar. It is necessary to start with an ordinary hang which will extend the back bone, will strengthen the group of muscles of back, abs, hands, will improve the state of health. There is no need to make children to do chin-ups immediately; usually at the beginning it is difficult for them, especially if children did not any physical preparation before.

Moscow is a city of big possibilities. Here a child can attend a gymnastic centre not only for general physical development, but also to get primary sports skills and abilities which he or she may need in the professional sport. In our clubs which are located both in Moscow and in Moscow region experienced coachers will teach your child how to do exercises with the sports equipment in a proper way. Safety and reliability of our sports equipment is confirmed with the fact that it was produced by a French company «Gymnova» which was a supplier of sports equipment for the Olympic Games more than once. All the parts produced under this brand have a certificate FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics).

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