Flying rings as sport equipment are used for trainings in many kinds of sports and as a separate implement in competition gymnastics. Exercises on this implement are included into the list of Olympic disciplines. That is why it is so important so that the sports flying rings were of a high-quality and corresponded to all the requirements of modern physical development and of professional sport.


This implement is meant in general to such exercises as hanging and chin-ups. Exercises on it let the child develop strength and endurance; strengthen muscles of arms and flexibility of the body. Thanks to the fact that this equipment is movable it requires applying big efforts, active working of many groups of muscles in order to fix it in the necessary position. It is probable to conduct trainings using rings both for children and for grown-up people.

Nowadays manufacturers of goods for children offer different sport complexes for children where a rope, flying rings and a wall bar are included. But if the child is easily adapted to the wall bar and to the horizontal bar he or she has some problems with the flying rings. Even not all parents can show their child how to use the flying rings in a proper way. So, some time later this element of the sport complex is put under-the-ceiling storage bin or is taken to the country house at best.

Moscow is a city of big possibilities. Here a child can attend a gymnastic centre not only for general physical development, but also to get primary sports skills and abilities which he or she may need in the professional sport. In our clubs which are located both in Moscow and in Moscow region experienced coachers will teach your child how to do exercises with the sports equipment in a proper way. Safety and reliability of our sports equipment is confirmed with the fact that it was produced by a French company «Gymnova» which was a supplier of sports equipment for the Olympic Games more than once. All the parts produced under this brand have a certificate FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics).

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