Individual exercises

Sports development gymnastics is useful for children of all ages. In the classes, the guys develop endurance, hard work and dedication, build muscle mass, there is dexterity and plastic movements. Sport best promotes immunity, the development of physical and psychological health of young children and adolescents.

But not all children are ready to engage in groups, for some reason or another. In our gym center in the list of services we offer individual exercises by gymnastics under the guidance of an experienced professional trainer who will select a set of sports exercises in accordance with the health and abilities of each child. It can be acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics or simply a health improving program aimed at strengthening the immunity of the child's body and its physical development. Gymnastics itself is a fascinating sight, where various objects and sports equipment are used.

Gymnastics classes with a coach will teach a young athlete how to work on uneven bars or a beam, to jump correctly on the trampoline, without the risk of injury, and much more. At the first lessons children perform all sports exercises with obligatory insurance of the trainer. And only when the teacher understands that the child has learned to group correctly, and his muscles have acquired strength and elasticity, he will allow to carry out exercises independently, without support. Having mastered the initial stages, the child can move on to more complex elements, for example, acrobatics, which is also a part of gymnastics. But only individual exercises of gymnastics will not help make a child a professional athlete, if he is lazy and forget to repeat the exercises at home.

Gymnastic center, which includes several clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region is equipped with all the necessary sports equipment that meets the European requirements for safety and quality. Therefore, there is no risk in training on sports equipment. Children receive a load designed for their age, and the game development program used by the coach excludes boredom and routine. For more information about gymnastics, center equipment, coaching staff, visit the first lesson, which does not need to be paid.

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