Gymnastics for teens

Visitors to our gyms are often asked the rhetorical question "Why did not we start studying earlier?" But to start to monitor your health is not late at any age!

In childhood we often do not notice where the vital energy comes from - it just is, and that's it. What to do when there is a feeling of lack of vitality? The answer is simple - play sports!


Gymnastics classes open up huge opportunities for all-round physical development for adults.

During training, you can:

  • master different acrobatic elements
  • strengthen the body with special gymnastic strength exercises
  • work on stretching
  • achieve weight reduction
  • just maintain a good sport shape

The exercises perfectly combine cardiovascular work, coordination exercises, strength and flexibility.

In the Gymnastics Centers of the International Gym, we conduct classes not only in general developing gymnastics for adults, but also in acrobatics, if you are engaged in or plan to engage in extreme sports such as kitesurfing, snowboarding, and skiing. If necessary, we are ready to prepare an individual program for you.

You can work in parallel with the children at any convenient time.

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