Gymnastics for children from 1.5 years of age

Your baby has a lot of energy that needs to be guided in the right direction. Gymnastics is a great choice if you want your child to be fully harmoniously developed and healthy. Gymnastics for children of preschool age is traditionally held in the form of games, with frequent change of exercises. At the beginning stages the child learns basic gymnastics elements for the general development of the growing body.


Psychological comfort of the child during the training is very important for us, therefore we ask parents to be with children and to participate in the training process directly. This support motivates the child and helps them to complete tasks given by the coach.


Gymnastics for children from 1.5 years of age is a great incentive for early child's development.

All coaches in our gymnastics center have a professional experience of working with children of any age, they can find the approach even to the most shy kid.

You can see the coaches’ work with your own eyes by signing up for a free trial class in the nearest gymnastics center. You just need to fill out an application form below or call the club you have chosen.

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