Gymnastics for children from 9 years

Children of 7-10 years of age are going through a difficult period in their lives. They have come out of the child's condition, but have not yet entered into teenage condition. And at this time they require special attention of their parents. And just at this time, the immature spine experiences heavy loads during school classes, therefor children often have a scoliosis. And after class modern boys and girls are tending to be in front of the computer screen, which of course, is not useful for their health. The spine is also under the load and visual acuity is reducing. Gymnastics for children from 9 years of age will prevent the appearance of such unpleasant facts.


In addition to the physical development and maintenance of the child's organism in the required tone, regular sports exercises have a positive impact on the mental activity of young pupils. Sports exercises accelerate metabolic processes, improve the cardiovascular and nervous systems, strengthen the immune system, improve coordination. Classes in a game form help children to acquire agility and skill. Professional coaches at the gymnastics center are providing assistance and support to young athletes during the trainings. Gyms are equipped with the most modern sports gear, including trampolines with rings, and gymnastic bars with a balance beam, soft multi-colored modules, and many other things which are necessary for the comprehensive physical development of children.

Children can study in groups and individually. Coachers prepare special complex of sports exercises for all participants, where there is a place for acrobatics and for various games. Developing gymnastics for children from 9 years of old is useful for both boys and girls. The boys develop muscles, girls get gracefulness, plastic movements, slender shape and get rid of slouching.

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All equipment in our gymnastics centers is of Olympic level.

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