Gymnastics for children from 8 years of age

All parents without exception wish their children were in excellent physical shape, well studied and were not sick. It is especially important for primary school-age children to be healthy, because immunity system is based, bone-muscular system is formed, intellectual faculties and the whole organism generally are developed while this period.

Developing gymnastics for children of 8 years old with elements of acrobatics, contribute to strengthening of muscles of different groups and increasing of their elasticity, development of the vestibular apparatus of the student and his cardiovascular system.


Our gym employs professional coaches, many of them are masters of sports of international level. They have many years of experience in working with children and can make a complex of sports exercises for a group of children or individually for each student. Eight-year-old guys have come out of kindergarten age, but still remain children, who do not like a long period of monotonous repetition of exercises. Therefore, in the gymnastic centre classes are often held in a game form.

The children are also interested in trainings in our clubs because the clubs are equipped with modern sports gear, the functionality of which is adapted for children of primary school classes. Gymnastics for children of 8 years old is held with the using of such sports equipment as trampoline and gymnastic bars, rings and balance beam, and other modules that have attractive appearance and maximum safety for young athletes.

Sport is the basis of a healthy organism, and for children of primary school age it should be mandatory, at least in a game form. Children spend a long time in a sedentary state in the classroom, and the breaks are too short for students to fully restore their motor activity. Therefore, gymnastics is so important for children of 8 years old, it will have a beneficial effect on the health of each student.

You can assess our gymnastic center and the work of coaches by visiting the first free class, after which your son or daughter will call you to visit our club again.

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