Gymnastics for children from 6 years of age

Many children from 6 years old need gymnastics before school, it will help future first-graders to improve physical health, immune system, develop mental activity, which of course will be useful for them in learning.

Qualified coaches working in the gymnastics center treat with attention and care all children who come to group or individual classes. Various sports exercises and acrobatics in the complex program are held in a fun way, this is very attractive to young athletes. In addition, the gym is equipped with modern Gymnova sports gear which completely exclude the risk of injury.


Design of all equipment including trampolines, bright modules, gymnastic bars and balance beam is maximally oriented for using by children. Professional coaches will help future first-graders to get used to physical activity and teach them how to breathe properly during the exercises. With this knowledge, the children will not have a difficulty with physical education at school.

The musculoskeletal system of children of six years of age has not been fully formed yet, not all of muscles are sufficiently developed, the foot arch is weak, this can lead to flat feet and curvature of the spine. Developing gymnastics for children from 6 years of age with elements of acrobatics will help them to improve the coordination, strengthen and develop the vestibular apparatus, small muscles of the back, abs, arms and legs.

To begin with kids can do gymnastics with their parents, later they get accustomed to the team members and coach so the help of parents is not required any more. After classes, children become calmer, because they have completely spent their emotional energy, which means that they can prepare for school quietly. All children are different, someone can not fully reveal their physical potential among their peers, classes in a group under the guidance of experienced coaches will help them to adapt to the children's team. If this does not happen, parents can choose a developmental program with complex of sports activities conducted by an individual coach.

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