Gymnastics for children from 5 years

In the older preschool age it is especially important to pay attention to the child's physical activity. By six years of age, the child has developed large muscles, but the small ones are still minor and the development of musculoskeletal system has not been completed. Moreover, at this age it is important to strengthen the feet, improve coordination and balance. At this age, the child starts to understand the exercises performed, so you should not skip an opportunity to speed up the development and improve motor skills.


Gymnastics contributes to psychomotor, mental, and emotional development of preschoolers. Children practice in groups under the guidance of coach and perform a variety of gymnastic elements getting pleasure from this. Exercises significantly improve child’s physical and functional characteristics and help to burn off excess energy and to be calm while preparing for school.


Getting ready for school sporty

In our gymnastics center, International Gym coaches are always attentive to children of all ages, so they feel comfort during the classes. Equipment of European quality, a trampoline, an acrobatic track, and a foam pit, will make the training process not only useful, but also joyful! First lesson in our center is free! Sign up by calling us or filling up the form on the website.

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