Gymnastics for children from 4 years of age

Modern kids surprise us with their early intellectual development. Some of the children of 3–4 years of age can safely deal with a computer and a mobile phone, know the alphabet and begin to count and read. But things get worse when it comes to the physical health of kids. Few of them know how to jump over obstacles, or to tumble on your home carpet. The gymnastics for children from 4 years old can correct this lack of physical development. It is very important to carry out a complex of sports activities for kids of 3–4 years of age every day. Not all parents can do this at home for different reasons. At the gymnastics center qualified coaches with years of experience working with children will teach your child everything they need to know at their age. Girls will be interested in acrobatics, boys will be interested in another set of sport exercises on a bright and safe equipment.

Coaches working in the gymnastic centers which are located in different districts of Moscow and Moscow region, can conduct trainings in groups or create an individual educational program for each kid upon parents’ request. Parents are also invited to participate in doing sports. This will help kids to be more active and not to be afraid of the coaches.


Gymnastics for children from 4 years of age gives the opportunity to develop physical endurance of the child's body, coordination, and agility. Complex sports exercises and acrobatics have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system of the child and their whole body. The posture will become better, the immune system will be improved and as a consequence, the child will have good health, and the mother will have fewer sick leaves.


Comprehensive development of the body since childhood

Do not miss the chance to give your child better health and positive emotions by being together in the gymnastics center. Educational games and physical education will instill the love of sports and a healthy lifestyle in your child in the future. It is useful for parents to know that the lack of children’s physical activity leads to various diseases that can appear in adolescence. To avoid this, come to our gymnastics center with your child and get joy and health. You can sign up for a first free lesson at any of our clubs.

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