Gymnastics for children from 3 years of age

In older preschool age a baby’s organism has its own particular features. For a child of 3–4 years of age the main indicators of physical development are the weight, height, condition of the bones and muscles, internal organs, as well as the level of development of motor skills. Classes of developing gymnastics will improve general health and also many other physical characteristics. At this age, much attention is paid to the exercises for development of coordination, flexibility, agility, posture, and physical strengthening of the body. Children learn basic gymnastics elements, acrobatics, trampolining, learn to hear the coach and correctly complete the tasks. If the child is more comfortable to do the exercises when parents are around – we just support it and encourage parents to attend the classes. As a rule, kids are no longer afraid or embarrassed and want to train without parents over time.



Comprehensive development of the body since childhood!

Our gymnastics center is equipped with sports gear of European quality. All coaches in our gymnastics center have experience of holding classes for children of all age groups. The time your child spends in our center will be joyful and useful. You can see the work of our coaches with your own eyes by signing up for a free lesson in the nearest gymnastics center. You just need to fill out an application form below or call the club you have chosen.

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