Gymnastics for children from 2 years of age

Not all kids between 1.5–2 years of age are as mobile as it they are supposed to be. Deficiency or overabundance of activity can be corrected with exercises. Gymnastics for children from 2 years of age which the child will be able to practice in our gymnastics center, will help them to learn how to coordinate their movements and positively influence physical and harmonious development of the baby. Gymnastics center has several clubs located in the different parts of Moscow, and also in the Zhukovka and Vladimir. The program of each center includes a complex of sports exercises that will correctly form the musculoskeletal system of a child and develop endurance and strong immune system. Acrobatics for the two-year-old children in the form of a game is a complex of exercises that is conducted by qualified coaches who have extensive experience of holding classes for children of all age groups. The equipment in the center meets European standards and the requirements of child's safety. The construction of sports modules is made of foamed polyurethane by Gymnova. The equipment has bright colors and cause a genuine interest in children.



Instill the love of sports in your child from an early age!

The kid will not be afraid to be alone with the coach, if there is mom or dad near. And if the parents do not want to get bored, they will be able to participate in gaming exercises with their child. Bringing a child to the gymnastics center, you give your kid the opportunity to be physically healthy, harmoniously developed, and perhaps to become a champion in the future. We offer the first lesson of gymnastics for children from 2 years old for free. You can sign up for it by the phones indicated or you can leave a request on our website, choosing one of the sports clubs.

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