Gymnastics for children from 10 years of age

Ten-year-old boys and girls pay more attention to their appearance. And not only the clothes are important. Harmonious physical development of the child draws general attention to him. Classes of gymnastics for children from 10 years old, that are hold by professional coaches will allow all children to get excellent physical shape and not only the shape.

Sports exercises, including acrobatics, help children to create correct bone and muscular system, develop such qualities of character as commitment and patience in achieving of aims. The lack of mobility causes blurred vision, reduction of immunity, incorrect posture, accompanied by stoop and the development of scoliosis in the modern generation of children. The complex of developing gymnastics and acrobatics will help to prevent these negative manifestations.


Our gym is equipped with the most modern sports equipment, among which there are trampolines, acrobatic paths, and rings with bars. Professional coaches with extensive experience working with children will prepare a full range of sports exercises, among which a significant proportion is the game component. In the team game, children are accustomed to independent interaction with partners, develop dexterity and accuracy, "elbow feeling".

In addition to physical development, gymnastics for children from 10 years old allows boys and girls to escape from school problems and psychological loads, increase the protective functions of the child's organism, improve metabolic processes, which positively affects the overall health of children. Boys develop their muscle mass, gain strength and endurance. Girls become slim and plastic movements. All these qualities in the future can become the basis of future achievements in sports or choreography. Gymnastic exercises also have a beneficial effect on the psyche of children. Under the guidance of professional trainers, among which there are many international masters of sports, the guys are trained to work together in a team, to help each other, to take the losses worthy of, their communication becomes more relaxed. You can check the usefulness of gymnastics after the first free class.

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