Trainings on the balance beam

Children doing sports in sports sections of sports gymnastics develop endurance, learn how to control their bodies, obtain grace and improve their movement coordination.

Sports gymnastics is an Olympic kind of sport. During competitions obligatory programs with using special equipment, floor exercises and vaults are included in it.


Balance beam is one of the most difficult devices for sportsmen at competitions. Performance on it consists of raising, performing a program of acrobatic exercises, jumps and turns and also of a distinct jumping down as handspring. The program of Olympic champions who control their bodies completely may be so difficult that they seem to fly over the beam and that they are practically free of the gravity force.

Girls start doing this sport since 4 years-old in order to achieve high results. Little gymnasts have a good flexibility and plasticity. In the beginning such a little girl has the following complex of exercises on the beam – it is going on the bean and clambering over it. If little sportsmen work hard by 6 years-old they achieve the first grown-up athletic titles.

Doing exercises on the balance beam it is important so that the child held balance and did not fell into the firm working area. Here the assistance of qualified coachers and soft sport mats with which all our children gyms are quipped will be very handy. An especial attention is paid to the quality of sports equipment and of the additional equipment.

Balance beam «Gymnova» of the training level consists of a glued timbers and 2 unregulated wooden poles 190 mm high. All the balance beams are polished with a special varnish. In order to do them safer the working area are covered by an anti-slidable substance. For conducting competitions a French manufacturer «Gymnova» obtaining FIG certificate produces a high balance beam (the distance from the floor to the top edge is 1250 mm) with regulated or immovable poles. All this equipment for enhancing the safety of the sportsmen has edges and corners of a rounded shape; it has a moderate elasticity of the working area and a high durability of all the bondings.

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