Merry celebration with health care!

Modern parents often find themselves in a situation where one wants to celebrate a child's birthday in an interesting and fun way, without having to restrain the crowd of children who simply need to splash energy. In addition, it is often problematic to follow all of them - and bruises, abrasions and tears appear. International Gym knows how to help parents arrange an unforgettable holiday for the child!

On the basis of our gymnastics center you can arrange a fun noisy celebration even for the most active and irresistible children!

The main program of the children's holiday in the International Gym is the Merry Starts. Usually we spend holidays on weekends, in the afternoon. The festival lasts two hours and includes various sports relay races and competitions, trampoline jumping, acrobatic track, foam hole and many other active entertainments. The professional trainers of the center organize and hold a holiday, will select entertainment and tasks taking into account the age, interests and number of guests. Parents can also participate in the celebration themselves.

You can arrange a small feast for children and adults with light snacks, at the request of the parents (we will certainly provide the tables). If you also want to arrange a special design and invite an animator - contact the administrator of the room, and you will be prompted what is needed for this. To book a holiday, you must fill out a form in our center in advance and pay a non-refundable deposit.

The cost of the children's holiday in the clubs International Gym check with the administrator.

If desired, the holiday can be extended (more than 2 hours) for an additional fee.

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