Trainings on parallel bars

Gymnastic parallel bars exercises on which are present in many kinds of sports gymnastics are the best instrument for obtaining endurance, a thin figure and development of the upper group of muscles (primarily for tris.

Regular trainings on this sports implement are available to everybody without exception – to women, men and children. There are different kinds of parallel bars at our gymnastic centre meant for making exercises by both schoolchildren and grown-up people. The sports implements, movable and immovable, parallel and of different height are produced by a French company «Gymnova» which used to be one of the suppliers of sports equipment for conducting international competitions. The parts have a FIG certificate (Federation of International Gymnastics) what witnesses about a high quality and reliability.


Parallel gymnastic bars are a necessary implement for exercises of strength-building activities which s required for many professional sportsmen and just for strong men. Trainings on this implement are obligatory conducted at PE lessons, they are used by female-gymnasts for fulfilling programs at international competitions. In this case both parallel bars and bars of different height can be applied. For more safety of people training on this implement and for eliminating cases of injures sports mats «Gymnova» are put around and in the area of hang-up.

Regular trainings on the parallel bars are recommended to all the teenagers-boys who develop strength and dexterity making exercises preparing themselves for grown-up men life. Exercises on parallel bars are just necessary for those who want to form an athletic figure. Fulfilling of hanging and of support position is conducted when feet of the person do not reach the floor. Rising of legs with the corner with the simultaneous turning of the body helps to strengthen muscles of the prelum abdominale and of hips. Exercises of the kind of a shoulder dip develop muscles of the shoulder part. At the same time different position of hands on the bar lets you train different groups of muscles.

At our gymnastic centre professional coachers obtaining ranks of masters of sport will help you to create a proper program of exercises thanks to which you will be able to achieve the necessary results within a short time. In order to make sure of it, we invite you to the first free training.

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