Section of acrobatics

Acrobatics is a really exciting performance when it is fulfilled by professional sportsmen. However, hard and long-term labor which demands from the person strong physical health and corresponding preparation is concealed behind these easiness and airiness.

This sport is not available for everybody at the professional level but still it is quite possible to learn how to do elementary exercises. In order to do that you need to enroll on our international gymnastic centre clubs of which are located in Moscow and in Moscow region and also in Latvia and in Vladimir. The section of sports acrobatics is meant to people of different ages – since little children to men and women.

Doing sports acrobatics lets you obtain physical strength, flexibility, plasticity of movements and endurance and also develop all the muscles of your body. Doing acrobatic exercises promotes the improvement of your movement coordination, body altitude, strengthening your vestibular system because many elements from the list of exercises are fulfilled with the orientation to balancing, twisting, turning, etc where a good orientation and the ability to hold balance are necessary.

Actually, sports acrobatics lets you always keep fit, have a correct posture and a beautiful attractive thin figure, a high-grade immunity and a stable operability of all the internal organs.

Many women and girls who do not want to put on weight attend the club of sports acrobatics. Children just get the first skills which they will be able to use in the future if they go on doing professional sports. The school of acrobatics gives girls a «pass ticket» not only to international competitions but also to the world of dances. This sport helps a child develop not only his or her body but also bring up in himself or herself such traits of character as insistence and obstinacy, diligence and responsibility. As a result of doing acrobatics the child becomes a harmonically developed personality what has an impact on his or her achievements at school and an excellent health.

The section of sports acrobatics is lead by professional coachers – masters of sport in gymnastics and acrobatics. They approach to everyone with attention and care, they insure and support during doing exercises, they are also able to provide medical assistance. So, doing sports with sports equipment by «Gymnova» company is a real pleasure and 100 % safety!

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