International Gym Krasnogorsk

International Gym is an international network of gymnastic clubs which adheres to the slogan "A healthy lifestyle since early childhood." In the process of training, we take into account the age peculiarities of the child, therefore, we created groups at various age categories. This is the most convenient and comfortable for our little athletes. All our centers are working on the base of training programs, certified by the standards of the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG). International Gym is the first network that uses this type of gymnastics in Russia since 2010. Our format is approved of by the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and recommended by the academics (Russian Academy of Sciences) in the field the development of children's sport. The ideologist of the concept is a professional gymnast, winner of the Olympic games and World Championships, honored master of sports, our founder - Eugene Sapronenko.


Developing Gymnastics is the base of any sport. Active classes include the elements of gymnastics, acrobatics and trampoline and develop in children the following qualities:

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Dexterity and reaction
  • Endurance

Active classes also develop all major groups of muscles and have a significant impact on the formation of the correct posture.


Gymnastics center in Krasnogorsk opened in October 2017 on the basis of the ski complex the SNEJKOM, which is located in the North-West of Moscow, in one kilometer from the MKAD, in Pavshinskaya poyma.

Our gym is fully furnished with professional equipment produced by the French company "Gymnova", one of the most respected manufacturers of gymnastic apparatus for holding International Championships and Olympic Games.

The training program includes various exercises on a gymnastic apparatus, and also overcoming the obstacle course which consist of developing modules and trampolining.

Our center holds group and individual classes.

Group classes are recommended to those children, whose parents do not set for them the priority of achieving great sporting purposes, but have the desire to get benefit and skills from gymnastics. We will help children to learn many useful exercises, to become more disciplined, learn to work in a team with peers that is important in the formation of the identity of a child.


Personal trainings always bring better results than the common group trainings. All attention is focused only on your child, and the program focuses on your desires and problem areas. Clearly defined exercises and the correct approach to the process of training motivate to work. Individual approach to the classes is also necessary for active children, you need to maintain and develop their abilities, initiative and interest in training. Developing gymnastics give good technical skills, that is why gymnastics is the base for many other sports disciplines. Your child will receive the necessary foundation that is the basis of physical training, even if your young gymnast does not become a professional athlete, General physical training begun in early childhood, will help him for years to preserve good health, and therefore the joy of life; will help to make him ready for the trial of life. Children with special developmental needs can also visit the Individual classes. For each child we find a certain approach, which is based on a focus on results.


Gymnastics in Krasnogorsk is teaching by professionals and current athletes who have many awards for their sporting achievements. Coaches do not just teach children their art, but also share the secrets of mastery. They are attentive to every student of our center and try to create the motivation, which will help the child to achieve the best results.
If you aim for dynamics and you sincerely want to create a memorable holiday for your children, if you want to instill a love for healthy way of life to a beloved son or daughter, their friends, sports party in honor of Birthday is just what you have been looking for! Our responsive and attentive coaches will cheer and will not disregard any guest. They will host outdoor games and competitions, arrange relay races , built an unusual obstacle courses using gymnastic equipment, and will also give free time to enjoy our professional trampolines. All the guests and even the parents are involved.

We tried to create a very warm and friendly atmosphere, so children and adults feel comfortable and look forward to new classes. Do you want to make sure? Visit our first training, which we present to all our new guests.


The safety instructions for practicing of the developing gymnastics.

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