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What sport should I choose for a child?

The International Gymnastics Center of the International Gym invites everyone who wishes to be healthy, to have a beautiful fit figure and simply to relax with the whole family.

Gymnastics is what helps to prepare a person for further sports in any of his disciplines, contributes to the harmonious development of man.

Our vision of developing gymnastics for everyone is fun and useful. And all our activities take place within this framework. We do not force, we just help. Children involved with us, with pleasure perform all the exercises, because they take place in a game form, with fun and jokes.

For us, the main thing is that the little gymnasts enjoy the lessons, because only good impressions can form a useful habit for sports!

Our clubs are in different parts of Moscow and the Moscow region, in the city of Vladimir, and even abroad. If you are a resident or guest of Moscow, in gymnasiums near the metro stations - Nagornaya, Prospekt Vernadskogo, or in Zhukovka, professional coaches with extensive experience with both children and adults will be happy to help you get fit, and gymnastics with children will be a good preparation for school physical education lessons. The developing network of gymnastics clubs of our international center is also in Latvia.

The activity of our center is aimed at improving people of all age groups. But the main emphasis is on working with children of preschool age, who at this time form the osteomuscular apparatus, all internal organs develop. Gymnastics for children with professional trainers promotes that babies grow up healthy, strong with stable immunity.

The coaching staff consists of well-deserved masters of sports who have more than one international award in sports competitions. All of them have the knowledge and ability to provide first aid, if necessary, and a safety certification for training at any level of complexity.

Gymnastics for boys include the use of certain sports equipment, developing in future men strength, endurance and perseverance. Each gymnastic club of our international network is equipped with the premium class sports equipment of the famous French company Gymnova. Sports equipment Gymnova has been used repeatedly for the Olympic Games, which once again confirms its quality and reliability.

Gymnastics for girls contributes to the formation of a slender beautiful figure, a light plastic gait. And all children, without exception, acquire improved coordination of movements, flexibility, developed muscular system and good immunity. Gymnastics classes teach children perseverance and perseverance, discipline and ability to work in a team, on an equal footing to communicate with their peers.

Do not miss the chance to make your figure beautiful, and your children healthy and harmoniously developed personalities. See us on the Youtube channel and in Instagramm and make sure that gymnastics is exactly what you need.

We are the team of coaches of the center International Gym

We work in the format of developing gymnastics.
Each of us is a qualified sportsman who knows how to work with children.

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